Microvolts charges up Spring Loaded update

By Michael Jamias
microvolts spring loaded update

Microvolts is going all in on the spring theme with a weater weapon bonanza set to quench players' thirst for wild and wet combat.

The stylish cartoon-style MMOFPS has confirmed the freshly stocked content coming with the Spring Loaded update headlined by the aforementioned aqua weapons -- Umbrella Melees, Blaze Shotguns, Tlaloc Grenades and Apsu Rifles -- and the new Junk Yard map.

Waterproof parts also flood the market such as Mr. Pink Knox, Mr. Yellow Knox, Cursed C.H.I.P. or Blessed C.H.I.P.
MMO fans craving for a new map to play around in will find the newly discovered abandoned Junk Yard exciting with metal-melting possibilities. The story goes that the junkyard emerged after the strong spring sun thawed the ice covering the land.

The new Microvolts update also signals the arrival of the carnival, which unlocks the Red Attendant Naomi and Black Attendant Naomi costumes as well as Feline Pandora and Leopard Pandora -- sure to be collector keepsakes well past the spring season.

And for those who want to experience an extra cuddly bang, Rabbit Grenades are out as well and ready to blow the daisies out of any target.

Finally, the update also sets off the mad scramble known as the Space Race Challenge, dubbed as the biggest event of the year in MicroVolts. Developers have only given the slightest hints on how the event will go down, but it is gearing up to be a fantastic obstacle-filled fight to the finish.


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