Microvolts rolls out Rockstars update

By Michael Jamias
microvolts rockstars update

The girls of Microvolts slip into sexy punk outfits in the latest Rockstars update.

Naomi straddles between soft rock and hard rock, carrying costumes for both. Meanwhile, Pandora opts to expand her wardrobe for garage and punk rock. Kai decided to buck the rock theme though and instead got access to his forest scout and arctic scout get-ups.

The new Rockstars update not only amps up the look of our resident MMOFPS characters, but it also throws in a new super capsule. Purchasing this random item pack guarantees a weapon, including new grenades, rifles and shotguns.

New grenades include the blinding solar bomb, the mystical lunar bomb and the earth-shaking terra bomb. For the new rifles, MMO shooters can take their pick between the solar burst, lunar burst and terra burst. The same comic theme applies to the new shotguns with the new solar blast, lunar blast and terra blast.

For those in need of even rarer collectibles, there is also a new premium capsule that offers exclusive items and new colors. Notably, the darkly tempting Black Snowflake Pandora can be obtained from this random item box.

Last but not least, the Rockstars update improves the game's network code and troubleshoots some existing game bugs. Developers said near-future updates will focus on delivering more content, as well as the anticipated UI overhaul.


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