Microvolts embarks on a Pirates update

By Michael Jamias
microvolts pirates update

Microvolts is going all out on the pirate theme, plunging players in ship invasion skirmishes.

Microvolts has launched its Pirates update for the month of May. It plans to put the entire free to play mmo in a state of killing frenzy by rolling out new pirate-themed arsenal, including Swashbuckler meeles, Quartermaster rifles, Gold D. Greed snipers, Wells Fargo shotguns, Barrel O’ Bumbo gatlings and Lucky Charm melees.

A sextet of costumes will also hit the deck: Corsaire Rouge and Corsaire Blanc for Naomi, Captain Scallywag and Captain Rapscallion for Knox, and Buccaneer and Marauder for Pandora.

See these weapons and gear in action in the Pirates update trailer below:

Fans of this free mmofps can look forward to a lot of ledge jumping in between the ship levels, as they race to smack their foes with cutlasses or blow them up with blunderbusses. There also seems to be some explosive business on deck that should spice up the usual run-and-gun shootouts.

Microvolts' pirates update also opens a treasure chest of new parts and accessories, such as eye patches, meant to fully immerse fans into a high seas swagger. The new update will likely last for a few weeks, before being replaced with a fresh concept by June.


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