Microvolts brings Halloween mayhem with Toy Stalkers update

By Michael Jamias
microvolts halloween toy stalkers update

Prepare to trigger-and-treat in the free mmofps as it rolls out the “Toy Stalkers” update.

This spooky holiday, Microvolts embroils players in a vicious toy war which will be bloodier than usual. “The “Magical Broom” melee will cause a bigger mess on the battlefield than it can clean and players can blast away enemies with their new Pumpkin rocket launchers,” said developer Rock Hippo Productions.

Microvolts also churns out the Halloween disguises – from cutesy witches to mythical fairies to the more nefarious choices like a grimacing jack-o-lantern. For those looking for no-nonsense upgrades to their fps mmo gear, there are also new Halloween Micro Point Parts with upgraded stats for added health points or run speed.

There are new accessories as well such as the “Goblin” and “Bogle” masks, as well as upgraded Micro Point and Rock Token accessories with better stats and xp bonuses, respectively.

Microvolts will also challenge its community to work together in several events, including an ambitious 240,000 Zombie Kill target by Halloween night. Successful completion will unlock a free “Peek-a-Boo” accessory and free Micro Points for every player in the mmo game.


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