Microvolts gets rocking again with Encore update

By Michael Jamias
microvolts encore update

Two weeks ago, the Microvolts ladies rocked it out with sexy punk outfits. This time it's the guys' turn with the Encore update.

C.H.I.P. and Kai take center stage in this latest update and get rock glamorous outfits: Electrolash and Electropunk for C.H.I.P., and Blue Hit and White Hit for Kai.

Not only that, they also get to crush their mmofps opponents with sick new War weapons such as Fiber Optic Mic Melees, Assault Guitar Rifles, and War Metal Shotguns. There are a total of nine new variants to collect.

For the most dedicated weapon groupies, the chase is on for the most exclusive arsenal in this patch: A trio of super weapon classes that can only be obtained through the Super Capsule Machine. Solar, Lunar, and Terra Gatlings, Snipers, and Bazookas, anyone?

Microvolts developers remind all their cash shop-spending fans that Super Capsule weapons are no longer meant to be upgradeable since they have higher default stats. Those who have previously spent resources like RT or energy upgrading these items will be receiving compensation directly in the MMORPG.
The Encore update rounds out its electrifying content rollout with network improvements and bug fixes meant to keep the action running more smoothly and without any of those annoying glitches.


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