Microvolts Alpha update powers up fans vs a zombie outbreak

By Michael Jamias
microvolts alpha update

The cartoon-style mmofps game activates powerful new weapons and equipment to thwart a full-on zombie invasion.

The Microvolts Alpha update rolls out a powerful arsenal to help players cope with a toy civil war. Huge numbers of broken toys are revolting and fans must band together to defend the land against the growing zombie threat.

Watch the Microvolts Alpha update trailer to get a glimpse of the new gizmos being used in combat action:

Microvolts fans plunging into the first line of defense should consider taking up the new Carbine Snipers, Nightmare Bazookas, Ronin Melees, and AutoBow Rifles.

There are also the slick legendary Nether Blade melees and Laser rifles that can take down even the most resilient and persistent foes. These come in a trio of neon designs to ensure shooters smash face in color-coordinated style.

Accessories like Red Eye Mask, Scuba Mask and Pin Head round out the full gear of Microvolts players looking to dominate their MMO match-ups.

Exceptional new capsule weapons and items also land for the purchase of Microvolts fans, including Slayer arsenal weapons, and advanced Red & Blue C.H.I.P. bot parts. When put on, these new gear makes players that much harder to take down even in the most zombie-infested battlefields.


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