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microvolts the rapture update
Judgment day has arrived in Microvolts, and heaven has split open to pour forth archangels and divine rewards across the action figure fps mmo. The Rapture update launched over the weekend and Microvolts players have since then been fighting to earn their wings, amass mysterious item drops, and ascend to power. MMORPG fans have been busy completing the two new winged sets: The Archangel of Justice for Naomi and the Archangel of Faith for C.H.I....
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Dec 02 2013
microvolts encore update
Two weeks ago, the Microvolts ladies rocked it out with sexy punk outfits. This time it's the guys' turn with the Encore update. C.H.I.P. and Kai take center stage in this latest update and get rock glamorous outfits: Electrolash and Electropunk for C.H.I.P., and Blue Hit and White Hit for Kai. Not only that, they also get to crush their mmofps opponents with sick new War weapons such as Fiber Optic Mic Melees, Assault Guitar Rifles, and War Me...
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Nov 25 2013
microvolts rockstars update
The girls of Microvolts slip into sexy punk outfits in the latest Rockstars update. Naomi straddles between soft rock and hard rock, carrying costumes for both. Meanwhile, Pandora opts to expand her wardrobe for garage and punk rock. Kai decided to buck the rock theme though and instead got access to his forest scout and arctic scout get-ups. The new Rockstars update not only amps up the look of our resident MMOFPS characters, but it also throw...
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Nov 09 2013
microvolts alpha update
The cartoon-style mmofps game activates powerful new weapons and equipment to thwart a full-on zombie invasion. The Microvolts Alpha update rolls out a powerful arsenal to help players cope with a toy civil war. Huge numbers of broken toys are revolting and fans must band together to defend the land against the growing zombie threat. Watch the Microvolts Alpha update trailer to get a glimpse of the new gizmos being used in combat action:Mic...
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Aug 17 2013
microvolts pirates update
Microvolts is going all out on the pirate theme, plunging players in ship invasion skirmishes. Microvolts has launched its Pirates update for the month of May. It plans to put the entire free to play mmo in a state of killing frenzy by rolling out new pirate-themed arsenal, including Swashbuckler meeles, Quartermaster rifles, Gold D. Greed snipers, Wells Fargo shotguns, Barrel O’ Bumbo gatlings and Lucky Charm melees. A sextet of costumes will ...
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May 17 2013
microvolts spring loaded update
Microvolts is going all in on the spring theme with a weater weapon bonanza set to quench players' thirst for wild and wet combat. The stylish cartoon-style MMOFPS has confirmed the freshly stocked content coming with the Spring Loaded update headlined by the aforementioned aqua weapons -- Umbrella Melees, Blaze Shotguns, Tlaloc Grenades and Apsu Rifles -- and the new Junk Yard map. Waterproof parts also flood the market such as Mr. Pink K...
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Apr 26 2013
microvolts winter warfare update
New stone cold killer weapons, frosty fighters and cool accessories bring new chills and thrills to the third-person mmo fps. This latest Microvolts update named Winter Warfare rolls out an arsenal of freezing firearms: Icicle Rifles, Ice Core Gatling Guns and Crystal Swords. “You might want to wear mittens before handling the brand new stone cold killer weapons,” said developer Rock Hippo Productions. MMO shooters can also join the Old Man Win...
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Jan 29 2013
microvolts halloween toy stalkers update
Prepare to trigger-and-treat in the free mmofps as it rolls out the “Toy Stalkers” update.This spooky holiday, Microvolts embroils players in a vicious toy war which will be bloodier than usual. “The “Magical Broom” melee will cause a bigger mess on the battlefield than it can clean and players can blast away enemies with their new Pumpkin rocket launchers,” said developer Rock Hippo Productions. Microvolts also churns out the Halloween disg...
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Nov 01 2012