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  • Microvolts: boom

    Microvolts: boom
    Just stay clumped up, droids. Pay no attention to my missle launcher!...
    Microvolts: boom

    Microvolts: store

    Microvolts: store
    Customize and upgrade your characters at the in game store....
    Microvolts: store

    Microvolts: stage

    Microvolts: stage
    Single player missions involve surviving waves of monsters. This is a 10 wave mission....
    Microvolts: stage

    Microvolts: missions

    Microvolts: missions
    Earn money in missions. This the currecny of the store. I need to blow up more droids so I can a better... dress? Shotgun!...
    Microvolts: missions

Microvolts Gameplay

Microvolts Gameplay

Microvolts, developed by SK iMedia and published by Rock Hippo Productions, was rated as one of the most anticipated free to play MMOFPS game in 2010. Microvolts is a shooter in which action figures come to life and battle for resource domination and control of their toy world named Micro World. There are 4 characters you can choose to start your adventure, each with their own background story. Knox plays the part of the tough guy on the outside but quite a softie on the inside. He appears to be a hip hoper that uses his large constitution for defense and tries to outsmart and intimidate enemies before engaging in battle. C.H.I.P. (Complex Humanoid Interchangeable Parts) is a robot toy that was assembled with various junk yard components. His robotic audio cords have suffered damage in a previous battle and that makes him a constant target for jokes which he doesn’t take lightly because he’s the first one to charge into a battle without giving it much thought. Naomi is a cute high school lookalike doll that will first charm you with a nice smile and maybe with some dance moves but the truth is she is just as dangerous as the other characters and her sweet looks hide some pretty ferocious combat skills. The second Microvolts female character is Pandora, and as opposed to Naomi she is not cute at all. She’s like a warlock of the Microvolts world using all sorts of mind dominating tricks and her seductive appearance to play with her opponents before releasing the final blow.

There are 7 types of weapons in Microvolts. Characters have unrestricted access to all of them. The 7 Microvolts weapon categories are: Melee weapons, Rifle guns, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Gatling guns, Bazooka and Grenade launchers. Your Microvolts characters will start with one weapon of each type and gain access to better ones as they gain experience and buy them in exchange for Micro Points. At the moment you have 12 Microvolts maps where you can fight your opponents, each map has its own setting and toy scenery and some maps are available just for specific modes. There are 10 Microvolts modes: Team Death Match, Free For All, Item Match, Capture the Battery, Close Combat, Elimination, Zombie Mode, Arms Race, Invasion and Scrimmage, the last one being a mode specially developed for the starting players. Every mode has its own particularities some are good for solo play while others require team effort. You can form clans or guilds with other fellow players and battle against each other. The goal of your Microvolts character is to get as much Battery Charge and Micro Points as possible. These 2 resources can be used to unlock in game rewards but also for forum privileges.

Microvolts free MMOFPS supports a cash shop where you can accessorize your character with a multitude of items. Microvolts is a MMO that keeps players engaged by hosting and organizing in game tournaments, social media events and forums contests.

By Rachel Rosen


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