Decorate your Mech this Christmas in MechWarrior Online

By Tam Mageean
mechwarrior online xmas

"Now I Have a Machine Gun! Ho Ho Ho!" Following the success of MechWarrior Online's "Kill a Dev" event, that finished today, the team at Piranha have decided to continue the festivities.

Players who've managed to ice a developer during the holidays, so far, have earned themselves a PGI medallion to hang in their Mech's cockpit. In a slightly more traditional approach, the cross-hairs have now shifted back onto your enemies, rather than your creators. From Christmas day until January 6th, any player that can rack up 12 victories in the mmofps, over the 12 days of Christmas, will earn themselves a festive snowglobe for their dashboard, to add some Yuletide cheer to their Mech.

If you'd rather put your festive decorating skills to the test, there's also the MechWarrior Online: Pimp my Mech competition going on, with prizes going to the most enchantingly adorned cockpits this Christmas. All you have to do is come up with something to jolly up your dashboard; hang some lights around the HUD, maybe add a gumball machine and a disco ball, and then submit your efforts to the MechWarrior Online official forums.

The finest Mechterior Decorator (honestly, that's the official term!) in the land will be awarded with the opportunity to design their very own cockpit curios. The top 10 designs (with the top 10 ideas) will get their cockpit customizations created and featured in the mecha mmo, for all to share.

The Pimp my Mech competition ends January 6th, so hurry up and get pimping!


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