Public test begins for MechWarrior Online's UI 2.0

By Michael Jamias
mechwarrior online ui 2 0 public test

The makers of MechWarrior Online have started the public test for the massive changes to its user interface. This user interface update -- known as MechWarrior Online UI 2.0 -- has landed on the public test server over the weekend. More testing sessions should be planned in the next couple of weeks as UI 2.0 nears its scheduled February 4 live release.

"The focus for this test is to review launching, the customization of Mechs, and the social functionality," said mmofps developer Piranha Games.

"In particular, we look forward to reading your feedback on the customization process and your experience grouping in teams of 4 or less, including launching a match solo. Play the game as you would normally expect, and try to keep an eye out for functions that need improvement," they added as a reminder to MMO fans who are taking time to jump into the UI 2.0 public test.

We're leaving you with the official UI 2.0 public test preview that takes us through the changes coming with the revamp, including streamlining the Mech Lab and inventory, and other changes meant to make your mouse-clicking and mech management easier than ever before.


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