MechWarrior Online tutorial activated, Protector Hero 'Mech debuted

By Michael Jamias
mechwarrior online tutorial protector hero mech

The latest patch turns on the tutorial mode for MechWarrior Online newbies, and also rolls out the Protector Hero 'Mech.

Developer Piranha Games said the new tutorial -- the first of several planned -- will aid inexperienced MMO pilots get acclimated to combat basics, everything from 'Mech controls to battlefield awareness. Pilots can access the tutorial via the game modes menu under "Tutorials".

The new patch also adds the Protector Hero 'Mech to the MMOFPS line-up. "This powerful ‘Mech sports an Orion chassis and was first built in 2456. Initially designed as the ultimate BattleMech, the Orion chassis combines a powerful mix of long and short-range weaponry, not to mention its respectable 14 tons of armor," described the developers.

The Protector Hero 'Mech is a versatile fighting machine that can switch roles in combat. It has a maximum ground speed of 64.8 km/h and spacious interior that allows for faster repairs and maintenance.

Watch this Protector Hero Mech trailer to see its combat versatility and efficient killing capability:

Along with the tutorial and new Hero 'Mech reveals, developers dropped news on the adoption rates for its pre-order upgrades.

The $30 Saber package has proven to be a popular choice among mmo pilots looking to gain that bit of combat edge when MechWarrior Online officially launches on September 17.

The Saber package includes two powerful classic 'Mechs -- The Wolverine and the Griffon -- that come equipped with 30% C-Bill earning boost, 10% loyalty point boost and limited edition cam spec pattern and colors. This gives pilots faster progression when accumulating in-game resources, and bestows their 'Mechs a distinctive look. The Saber Package also includes two standard variants of both the Griffon and Wolverine.


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