Suck less in MechWarrior Online with this Penny Arcade-made pilot guide

By Michael Jamias
mechwarrior online penny arcade pilot guide

Penny Arcade and MechWarrior Online creators have collaborated on a two-page original comic guide called “Pilot Safety Information” that should help pilots -- or at least give them a few laughs.

Available for download at ( the special guide for the smash-hit mmofps reveals five crucial tips for MechWarrior Online pilots, including illustrated examples of how to avoid laser fire mishaps while properly managing the Mech’s heat levels, throttle controls and torso-twist maneuverability.

In short, the basics that a pilot needs to smash face – or at least not get his smashed in return – when fighting in the fast-paced mech mmo shooter.

“I used to play BattleTech at lunch, when I was in high school," said Penny Arcade's Jerry Holkins.  "There's a lot of meat in MechWarrior Online, a lot to know, and we wanted to see if we could cover some of the basics in a way that could help people get the most out of it."

Piranha Games Creative Director Bryan Ekman said, “Piloting a giant Mech is an entirely new experience for most gamers requiring thought, balance and team strategy. First time players are often surprised when typical shooter tactics such as ‘shoot first, think later’ get them into trouble. The team at Penny Arcade, admittedly lifelong MechWarrior franchise fans, has crafted a superbly informative and funny comic that players will truly appreciate.”


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