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By Tam Mageean
mechwarrior online launch

After a painstaking year of rigorous beta testing, MechWarrior Online has finally gone live today. The free to play MMOFPS is an online team-versus shooter, but with heavy tactical elements; resulting in very long, but rewarding skirmishes.

The game almost feels like an RPG or a MOBA at times, with players adopting roles similar to Hunters, Rangers and Scouts as they position themselves for battle. The most significant change that has came with the launch is the removal of the third-person camera in competitive 6v6 mode at the request of the beta testers, who said it was giving third-person players a superior wider field of view.

MechWarrior Online Screenshot

Other additions to the game post-beta include huge match-making improvements, weapon balances, user-submitted bugs fixed and some shiny new Mechs for you to mash into one-another. The matchmaking improvements have been huge; features such as the perpetually widening search-field, which becomes less strict, the longer you're waiting in a lobby, provide swift inter-match transactions, and will play a big part in this games' success.

Piranha Games hope for the free MMOFPS to be a tournament favorite and have already arranged its first competitive tournament, scheduled for the NA launch party on September 26th, to decide the worlds first MechWarrior Online champions.

MechWarrior Cutscene


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