MechWarrior Online rolls out Kintaro mech trailer

By Michael Jamias
mechwarrior online kintaro mech trailer

The video has sparked a debate on how MechWarrior Online developers should go about previewing future mechs.

But before we hit the fanwar trenches, let's kick back and watch the Kintaro official trailer which features the newest medium BattleMech to hit the mech shooter mmo.

Some detractors have gamely pointed out what they consider as lackluster voice acting and sloppy video direction compared to other mech reveals of the past. These same critics request that the developers stick to their usual developer-narrated previews.

But for others, the newest mech trailer for the MMOFPS should be given credit for going out of the box and trying to introduce the Clans that will form the game's rpg backbone.

Which advice the developers will listen to is anyone's guess, but what is certain is that The Kintaro is now available for C-Bill purchase. There are four available Kintaro variants -- KTO-18, KTO-19, KTO-20 and KTO-GB or Golden Boy Hero Mech model which boasts of more weapons hardpoints than the three other variants but trades this off for a smaller torso twist range.

There is also an ongoing Kintaro customization sale, with the Vagabond, Digital and Fractal camo's for the mech going on a 50% off sale to 375MC from the regular 750MC each. The sale will last until August 23, Friday, 10AM PDT.


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