MechWarrior Online sizzles with new FireBrand JagerMech

By Michael Jamias
mechwarrior online firebrand jagermech

Watch the destructive power of the Firebrand JM6-FB, the Hero Mech variant of JagerMech coming in the newly released MechWarrior Online update.

The Firebrand delivers fiery destruction -- enough to bring down palaces and other sturdy constructs -- by giving pilots a 30 percent in-game ‘C-Bill’ Bonus and white-hot weapons.

MechWarrior Online eveloper Piranha Games said the Firebrand is a certified beast in the open battlefield because of its armed dual PPCs and dual AC/2s.

For pilots those who cannot handle the Firebrand's heat, four new trial Mechs can be used for pratice combat testing. These include the Spider SDR-5D, Hunchback HBK-4P, Cataphract CTF-4X and Atlas AS7-RS Trial Mechs are totally free and available to all pilots who want to test out their skills and strategies before diving straight into more competitive modes.

The latest MechWarrior update also has a new camo "Sherman" pattern for military FPS fans and history buffs who would like to give their Mechs the look of a World War 2 American tank.

Rounding out the update are quality-of-play improvements such as the ability to quickly capture screenshots and tweaks meant to improve the performance of the mech shooter MMORPG.



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