MechWarrior Online releases commando hero mech Death’s Knell

By Michael Jamias
mechwarrior online deaths knell

Tiny but deadly, this new killer mech for MechWarrior Online is the equivalent of a solid steel assassin.

Watch the Death’s Knell aka the commando TDK in action below.

Befitting a hero mech, the Death’s Knell carries impressive stats with 113 KM/H speed, 176 points in armour, 30% C-Bill bonus and four medium lasers – two in each arm – with which to melt metal in the mmofps.

“This tiny Mech has a surprisingly big punch, and with its speed and maneuverability, will truly be the Death's knell to your opponents,” said developer Piranha Games.

Bryan Ekman, creative director for the mmo mech shooter title hinted that the Death’s Knell is an intricate annihilating machine with incredible initiation and burst. “We are excited to see how players utilize this speedy and deadly Mech, which excels at taking the fight to the enemy, and escaping before they can retaliate.”

Series veterans will also be blown away by the Bitching Betty startup sequence now available.

“Starting today, players will also be greeted by the familiar and long-awaited Bitching Betty startup sequence, ‘Reactor Online. Sensors Online. Weapons Online. All Systems Nominal,’” said Piranha Games.

“The official female cockpit voiceover from the original MechWarrior games first returned to MechWarrior Online late last year, but the famous greeting is newly available, adding another authentic element from the series, which continues to evolve with fun and valuable content updates.”


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