MechWarrior Online Previews Atlas, First of Four Founder’s Mechs

By Michael Jamias
mechwarrior online atlas mech video

Here's a two-minute trailer that shows off the powerful, laser-blasting Atlas in MechWarrior Online.

MechWarrior Online players can unlock the Atlas as a free ‘Mech after purchasing a Legendary or an Elite Founder’s package. Watch the video to see the skull-helmed Atlas blast down enemy ‘Mechs to a pile of scrap metal.

“If there was ever a 'Mech that inspired terror in those that faced it, it was the Atlas. Weighing in at 100 tons, boasting a small 'Mechs weight in armour, and having two small 'Mechs worth of weaponry, the Atlas is truly an awe inspiring sight,” said developer Piranha Games in a YouTube description accompanying the video.

The Atlas is one of four Mechs that will be given out as an exclusive freebie to those who buy the more expensive Founder’s packages. Legendary sets, which cost $120, will unlock the Atlas and three still unpreviewed ‘Mechs. $60 Elite set owners can only choose one of the four, while $30 Veteran set members get none.

The Atlas looks to be a solid choice so far for Elite set owners, packing enough weapons to make MMOFPS fans giddy. It totes around a pair of a total of four medium lasers – one on each arm and two on its torso -- a dependable AC/20, an LRM 20 for indirect fire and an SRM 6 for finishing foes in melee range.

Newbie mmofps pilots should prepare for a high learning curve, though. “The Atlas takes a skilled and veteran pilot to be effective,” cautions Piranha Games.


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