MechWarrior Online official launch set for September 27

By Michael Jamias
mechwarrior launch date

After an extensive open beta, MechWarrior Online has finalized its release date on September 27.

The MechWarrior Online official launch date is roughly two months away, but already the fps mmo is rallying quite a rabid fanbase.

MechWarrior Online developer Piranha Games reports that the mech MMO has exceeded one million registered pilots in its open beta. Open beta players have spent a combined 9.6 million hours playing MechWarrior Online, resulting in the annihilation of more than around 47 million Mechs.

MechWarrior Online's destructive fantasy world called The Inner Sphere also fires off a ridiculous amount of missiles and lasers. More than 12.6 million missiles fired since open beta, and 2.4 billion lasers fired this month alone.

What makes MechWarrior Online so addicting to fans even while the game is still in beta mode are the powerful Mechs that are already available for piloting.

Fans can choose from a selection of free Trial Mechs like the Commando COM-2D, the Blackjack BJ-1X, the Catapult CPLT-C4 or the fan-favorite Atlas AS7-RS. Or if they have cash to splurge, they can purchase slicker machines like the explosive Firebrand Jagermech or the newest addition, the Dragon Slayer Hero Mech.

See the Dragon Slayer Hero Mech in action in its trailer reveal:


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