MechWarrior Online Unleashes 12 vs. 12 Combat

By Josh Wirtanen
MechWarrior Online Unleashes 12v12

Do you like mechs? Do you enjoy battles where a dozen people square off against a dozen more? If you answered yes to both those questions, you're about to let out a squee of delight.

See, MechWarrior Online, the upcoming mech battler from Piranha Games, has just added the long-awaited 12 vs. 12 battles.

Bryan Ekman, creative director at Piranha, said a few words about this. “The 12 vs. 12 gameplay changes combat dramatically. Players now have a deep bench of options for a variety of strategies, more creative attacks and defense schemes and can alter their combat strategies in greater variety for each environment. This is true MechWarrior combat.”

The game's newest update also adds a new map, Terra Therma. Here's what a recent press release had to say about the map: "Drop in on this tumultuous moon where pilots will be faced with ever-changing tectonic activity and violent volcanic eruptions. Rich in natural resources, Terra Therma is a valuable outpost – so valuable that ‘Mech pilots, ‘Mechs and expensive automated extraction technologies are considered expendable. The battle for the resources on Terra Therma will be as vicious as the landscape itself." It sounds intense.

And if all of that wasn't good enough, the new hero mech, the Golden Boy, was just added.

MechWarrior Online is still in open beta, due for a September 17 launch.

MechWarrior Online adds the Golden Boy hero mech


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