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Mech-Con 2016 tickets
One of the great joys of being part of any fandom is to hang out with like-minded people at a convention. Instead of having to listen to your parents or spouse complain about your online gaming, you can discuss the best builds and in-game tactics for your favorite games. Players of the MechWarrior Online mmofps can hobnob with other players, as well as BattleTech enthusiasts, at the upcoming Mech-Con 2016 that will be held on December 3rd in Vanc...
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Sep 22 2016
mechwarrrior online christmas 2015
I quite like the thought of a bunch of gruff-looking MechWarrior Online pilots, lined up excitedly, waiting to sit on Santa's lap so they can See if they've been naughty or nice this year, before leaving with a present. Sadly, as much as I'd love that to be the Christmas event, that's not quite what's going to happen. However, the devs behind the mmo are going to try their darn destination to recreate the feeling, without having to remove the to...
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Dec 22 2015
2016 MechWarrior Online World Championship announced
The MechWarrior Online mmofps had a very successful launch on Steam last week. Hordes of new players discovered the joy of Mech combat set in the BattleTech universe. You would think that getting to destroy your opponents in giant robot clashes would be inducement enough to play the game, but Piranha Games is upping the ante. During the Steam launch event, they announced the upcoming MechWarrior Online World Championship that is set to begin in t...
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Dec 15 2015
mechwarrior online steam launch
December is bound to be a blast for mmofps fans as MechWarrior Online finally makes its way to the Steam platform. This MechWarrior Online Steam launch trailer sums up why shooter fans might want to allot some of their precious Steam hours for the title:Existing players have been assured that their MechWarrior Online profile will be carried over to the Steam version, so you won't have to start over. In fact, those who download the game throu...
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Dec 11 2015
mechwarrior online steam
Ah, devs. It feels like they could find an excuse to throw a party, no matter what the circumstances are. Crowdfunding milestones, beta launches, new megaserver; give a dev team an excuse to throw a party and you can bet your bottom dollar they will. Then again, seeing MechWarrior Online migrate onto Steam is certainly cause for celebration. The ever-popular mmo has done a sterling job over the years with its private launcher, but for those gam...
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Nov 16 2015
mechwarrior online european servers july release
The MechWarrior Online European servers have finally been switched on, which should significantly improve connection stability for players in the region. Prior to the European servers, MechWarrior Online pilots in that region were forced to play on North American servers and suffer through frustratingly higher ping rates. MMORPG developers also insist that North American pilots who choose to do so can include themselves for selection in the Eur...
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Jul 23 2015
mechwarrior online community warfare
Piranha Games continue their intensive improvements in MechWarrior Online with the final batch of Community Warfare Phase 2 upgrades. The MechWarrior Online Community Warfare Phase 2, which has been ongoing for the past two months and focused on adding four huge new maps in the free to play mmo, culminates with the rollout of the central update. With the game buffed up with shiny new features and improvements, Developers have unleashed a new ca...
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Jun 03 2015
MechWarrior Online Community Warfare beta
The battle for the Inner Sphere is heating up rapidly as the MechWarrior Online Community Warfare beta is now underway. While the individual houses have feuded for domination over the centuries, the newly discovered clans are now looking to claim dominion. Four clan factions (Smoke Jaguar, Jade Falcon, Wolf, and Ghost Bear) have joined together with the ultimate goal of taking the planet Terra for their own in the mmo fps.There are a number o...
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Dec 19 2014
mechwarrior online ui 2 0 public test
The makers of MechWarrior Online have started the public test for the massive changes to its user interface. This user interface update -- known as MechWarrior Online UI 2.0 -- has landed on the public test server over the weekend. More testing sessions should be planned in the next couple of weeks as UI 2.0 nears its scheduled February 4 live release. "The focus for this test is to review launching, the customization of Mechs, and the social fu...
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Jan 20 2014
mechwarrior online xmas
"Now I Have a Machine Gun! Ho Ho Ho!" Following the success of MechWarrior Online's "Kill a Dev" event, that finished today, the team at Piranha have decided to continue the festivities. Players who've managed to ice a developer during the holidays, so far, have earned themselves a PGI medallion to hang in their Mech's cockpit. In a slightly more traditional approach, the cross-hairs have now shifted back onto your enemies, rather than your crea...
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Dec 25 2013