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Mad Tanks eSports TPS is an action multiplayer shooter game developed and published by Shanghai Islands of Adventure Infotech. The young development studio started working on their first game in 2015. In just two weeks, Mad Tanks eSports TPS gathered enough votes to successfully pass the Steam Greenlight campaign. The mobile game version is extremely popular as well. Gameplay is based on FPS MMO features combined with third person shooter action. Mad Tanks eSports TPS is made for e-sports. Players will discover fast paced matches where they take control of a tank and compete against others in various battle scenarios.

Players fight against each other on 3D maps. Mad Tanks eSports TPS visual style is a mix of multiple elements. The game has cartoon inspired graphics and anime characters. Some vehicles have a futuristic design. Players are free to customize their tanks. Just like MMO RPGs that allow players to customize their characters, Mad Tanks eSports TPS gives users many options to change tanks behavior. The tanks selection numbers many unique vehicles. Each tank is operated by a crew. Members of the crew are anime inspired characters. Their job is to provide players with perks that are used to boost a tank's attributes. Tech trees give players the opportunity to upgrade their tanks and to choose from multiple customization options. The tanks module is another game feature that unlocks more customization and upgrade features. The customization system includes cosmetic options too. On the outside, tanks can be personalized with skins that give them unique looks. Players will spend plenty of time customizing their platoons but the real fun is on the battlefield. Mad Tanks eSports TPS features a 5 versus 5 PvP mode. Battles are fast paced and don't take too much time. A match ends when one team is defeated or when players manage to complete certain objectives. Players are rewarded with chests that contain useful items.

Mad Tanks eSports TPS is a game for all players. It provides fun gameplay and simple controls. Players that are familiar with action games or MMO FPS games, will find it very easy to maneuver their tanks on the battlefield. New players just need a bit of practice. Mad Tanks eSports TPS can be played on PC and Android. Cross platform user interaction is supported so the game has a pretty large player base. Premium options give players some advantages in exchange for real money. Free users get access to all level tanks so they are not disadvantaged in battles. Mad Tanks eSports TPS is available in English, Russian and Chinese.

By Rachel Rosen

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