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Loadout Gameplay

Loadout Gameplay

Loadout is a free MMOFPS, developed and published by Edge of Reality. The most unique and exciting Loadout feature is weapon customization. Besides usual rewards like money and XP, players get items that can be used to modify weapons. There are currently 1.5 million available combos. That is something truly impressive and not seen in many games. The customization options range from normal additions that improve a weapon’s performance to silly but useful healing green bouncing goo bullets. Loudout playable characters can be equipped with various outfits. The action and combat are fast paced. With such characteristics, Loadout brings originality and uniqueness to the shooter genre.

Running around aimlessly and killing other players can be fun but Loadout also has game modes with fixed winning conditions. There’s no need to worry, killing other players is highly encouraged but, sometimes it’s not enough to win a match. Blitz mode is about getting to a certain objective and claiming it. In Death Snatch mode, teams get points by acquiring blutonium. Extraction mode is a resource gathering mode. In this case, the resource is again blutonium. It must be carefully handled because is a highly explosive substance. In Jack Hammer mode the two teams fight for a target. This target is actually a hammer that can be used as a weapon. All 4 Loadout modes are classic FPS MMO modes but remade with an original setting and funny themes. For example, instead of a flag that must be captured, Loadout has a hammer. Each map is different and has an amusing description. Fissure is a very unsafe mine. Four Points is a supply depot. At the Brewery, everyone can enjoy a special product, the hard beer. It is made with natural irradiated water and can cause a long list of side effects. Despite all this, the Brewery is a very popular place. The Trailer Park is the place where workers rest after laboring in the mine all day. Loadout graphics have a cartoonish style.

Loadout is the  first game from Edge of Reality but the company isn’t at all new in the video game business. They have worked with famous developing companies and contributed to games like Dragon Age, The Sims and Mass Effect Trilogy. Loadout is a free to play MMO and it has a microtransactions system. Edge of Reality announced that all items in the cash shop are just for cosmetic purposes or to give small benefits but, Loadout will not turn into a pay to win game. All weapons and other useful items will be earned by playing Loadout, not by spending money at the cash shop.

By Rachel Rosen

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