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Line of Defense, a free MMOFPS developed and published by 3000AD, invites players to take part in massive PvP battles on a fictional planet called Lyrius. There is no PvE content, gameplay and activities are built around a conflict between the 2 major forces that control Sirius galaxy. Players join Line of Defense as members of GALCOM (a military faction) or Insurgents (rebel soldiers). The main objective is a “capture and hold base” scenario but enhanced with various features. All combatants can join as infantry or they can control vehicles. Line of Defense has a persistent game universe and even though the war between GALCOM and the Insurgents seems to have no end each battle is important because it can shape a fraction of the game universe and help the winner get certain advantages.

Line of Defense class system is very flexible and allows players to build characters with unique roles. It all depends on how gamers choose specializations, skills and weapons. Some combos are best fitted for those that like to fight in the first line, players that prefer ranged combat can choose a sniper soldier, support and medic class types are for those that like to stay out of combat and help team mates. Line of Defense has more than infantry roles. The war takes place on planets’ surface but also in space so pilots to control space ships are needed as well. Combat Experience Points (CEP) are gained when taking part in battles, killing enemies, healing allies, taking over strategic points and so on. These points can be traded for Combat Training Certificates that represent class specializations. CTC are basically skills (or talents) that allow players to become proficient in using various types of weapons, drive vehicles or gain perks. CEP and CTC are Line of Defense MMOFPS character system but character progression is not that easy as it sounds. CEP can be lost if players engage in aggressive actions towards team mates or destroy valuable equipment.

An instanced Line of Defense game world (server) can support tens of thousands of players engaged in a single conflict. The Sirius galaxy has 4 planets, 4 space regions and 7 moons. Line of Defense doesn’t support MMORPG features like companion pets or crafting but it does have player housing. Developers are against any activity that requires grinding or farming so players won’t have to spend hours gathering mats or running the same content over and over again to obtain gear. Fire teams are the equivalent of player guilds. A nice feature is that the fire team leader can use his house as guild bank to store everything from ammo to vehicles. Line of Defense is a game for the hardcore PvP player that doesn’t care about vanity pets or flashy outfits.

By Rachel Rosen

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