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    Join the battle royale
    Take part in an 'every man for himself' battle to become the last man standing....
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    Collect supplies
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    Cycle through a mulititude of unique weapons to gun down your enemies....

Last Man Standing Gameplay First Look - HD

Last Man Standing Gameplay First Look - HD

Last Man Standing is a battle royale free to play MMO developed and published by Free Reign Entertainment. The name of the game is an accurate description of the gameplay. A hundred combatants clash on the battleground with the sole purpose of taking each other down. The objective is to defeat all enemies and become the Last Man Standing of the match. Game features include character customization, upgrades and e-sports support. A leveling system allows players to upgrade and customize their characters. Cosmetic options such as weapon skins and emotes that personalize a game character are also available. Last Man Standing fully supports player competitions and tournaments.

Combat style changes as players cycle through more than 30 unique weapons. The selection includes pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, light machine guns and various rifles such as assault and sniper. Those who want to do some serious damage to multiple enemies can use the rocket launcher. Last Man Standing weapon customization system features attachments that are used to improve and modify weapons. There are plenty of attachments available so all players are guaranteed to find a favorite weapon and attachment combo. There are many enemies to defeat so players need to change weapons depending on the current situation. Battle royale or deathmatch as it's known in MMOFPS games is a mode where all players fight for themselves. Temporary alliances may be formed but in the end only one player gets to be the winner. This is why it's important to not miss any chance to upgrade weapons. During Last Man Standing matches, loot boxes containing special weapons and upgrades spawn. Those who manage to acquire them will have a much needed advantage. The leveling system allows characters to gain XP and new levels. Vanity crates are obtained as leveling rewards. Last Man Standing players have more than 300 emotes, customization items and skins to make their characters stand out on the battlefield.

In addition to the regular game modes, this free MMO hosts monthly competitions and seasonal events. All players are invited to take part in tournaments. Last Man Standing competitions reward best players with cash prizes. The Invitational Elimination tournament is an invite only event between players who achieved remarkable results during seasonal matches. The cash reward makes this contest extremely popular. Taking part in Last Man Standing tournaments is one way of gaining notoriety and prizes but talented players can also become famous by streaming their gaming sessions. A practice server is available for players who want to hone their skills before trying a real match. There are also team servers for those who want to be part of a squad. Last Man Standing is available on Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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