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  • K.O.S secret operations: Create Cha...

    K.O.S secret operations: Create Cha...
    Choose between four classes each with a unique loadout; submachine,assault,sniper and shotgun....
    K.O.S secret operations: Create Cha...

    K.O.S secret operations: Gameroom List

    K.O.S secret operations: Gameroom List
    The game allows for quick matches however focuses on a lobby layout....
    K.O.S secret operations: Gameroom List

    K.O.S secret operations: My Info

    K.O.S secret operations: My Info
    You will be allowed to buy new gear and equipment as you level and earn crones....
    K.O.S secret operations: My Info

    K.O.S secret operations: Combat

    K.O.S secret operations: Combat
    Fast combat, lots of death and killing in a short time period....
    K.O.S secret operations: Combat

K.O.S Secret Operations Gameplay

K.O.S Secret Operations Gameplay

K.O.S Secret Operations is a fps mmo, developed and published by YNK Interactive. Playable characters can be customized using various weapons, gear and choosing from different abilities. You can use your abilities for benefic self effects or to debuff your enemies. Clans or guilds are large groups of K.O.S Secret Operations players that don't disband when players log out. K.O.S Secret Operations supports clan PvP. Fps games are basically PvP games but starting players may feel overwhelmed. New players should try some matches against kosbots (computer controlled opponents). Bots difficulty can be tweaked and it ranges from trainee (very easy) to special forces (very hard).

K.O.S Secret Operations interface displays various info like hp, ap, stamina, available weapons, ammo, score and mini map. Players use WASD keys to move and mouse buttons for attacks. There are 2 game modes: team death match and search and destroy. Two teams of 2, 5, 8 or 16 players battle to complete mode objectives. Search and Destroy mode is played in 3, 5 or 7 rounds. The red team has to destroy a target by planting a bomb or take down all enemy players. The blue team has to stop the red team by killing all its members or deactivate the bomb. Search and Destroy maps are: frontier, missile storm, fire cage, costa del sol and eradicate. Team Death Match is a killing fest between 2 teams. The team that scores most points in 30 minutes wins the match. This  K.O.S Secret Operations mmo mode can be played on: gunsmoke, subway, the tower, old brick, archive, training ground, delta, and citta maps. K.O.S Secret Operations has several playable class types. The Submachine Gun Specialist is a melee soldier whose primary advantage is speed. The Sniper is a ranged class and has great accuracy. The Rifleman is a flexible class with different play styles. Close Quarter Specialist uses shotguns and handguns. There are 7 weapon types to choose from: rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, smg/mg, pistols, grenades and knives. Each weapon has 6 characteristics: damage, fire rate, range, accuracy, portability and penetration.

The Multikill system is a K.O.S Secret Operations feature that rewards players who achieve 10 kills in a row. All kills must be performed within a 7 seconds frame, one from each other, in order to count for multikill. K.O.S Secret Operations mmofps has a system that offers players the possibility to bet on their skills. By entering the pro system, players bet an amount of crones (in game money) before the start of a match. Teams must have at least 3 members. K.O.S Secret Operations is free to download and play and you only need a PlayRohan account to access it.

By Rachel Rosen

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