US prevails in second annual Heroes in the Sky war event

By Michael Jamias
heroes in the sky war event

The United States coalition beat their EU counterparts in what shaped up to be an epic transatlantic shootout.

According to a recap from the Heroes in the Sky publisher, the US service dominated the second annual US vs. EU Occupational War event.

This latest event for the aerial combat mmofps simulator lasted from January 18 through to January 20. It asked flying aces to join an Occupational War campaign on an alternate reality map where the United States and Europe battle across the Atlantic, competing head to head in massive aerial dogfights.

Heroes in the Sky pilots from both US and EU services will receive item packs based on rounds participated. The most basic reward package of a single premium lucky box ticket and 3 gear protect+ items for committing to 20 rounds of combat, which expands to include 3 gear protect premium+ and 3 gear protect++ items for those who lasted through 60 grueling rounds.

Special stat-boosting medals will also be handed out for high-flying mmo aces. Those who scored in the Top 100 rankings for kills regardless of service will receive a Top 100 Kills Medal which bestows +5% attack / +5% defense bonuses.

The winning US side will even earn a Winning Participants Medal which unlocks a +10% anti-debuff bonus.


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