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  • Heroes in the Sky: controls

    Heroes in the Sky: controls
    You can choose whether or not to invert your up and down controls before each mission....
    Heroes in the Sky: controls

    Heroes in the Sky: pilot

    Heroes in the Sky: pilot
    Use your arrow keys to steer your plane....
    Heroes in the Sky: pilot

    Heroes in the Sky: shoot

    Heroes in the Sky: shoot
    S will shoot a missile that can bring larger targets down quickly....
    Heroes in the Sky: shoot

    Heroes in the Sky: gun

    Heroes in the Sky: gun
    Fighters are often too fast to hit with missles. Use your gun by pressing the A key....
    Heroes in the Sky: gun

Heroes in the Sky Gameplay

Heroes in the Sky Gameplay

Heroes in the Sky is a free to play MMO developped by OnNet Internet Entertainment. Straying from their typical MMORPG approach, Heroes in the Sky is an arcade based airplane MMOTPS (Massively Multiplayer Online Third person Shooter) listed with our MMOFPS games. Heroes in the Sky takes place during the infamous era of World War II. The game has a strong emphasis on player skill and ability. As such players can expect action filled battles in the skies, dodging other players, NPC planes and a variety of other obstacles such as gun fire, AA turrets, bombs and ships.

Heroes in the Sky includes a variety of game modes including Campaign, Occupational War Mode, Skirmish, Attack and Defend, and Raid Mode. Each of the modes is totally unique and offers different features and challenges to the others. One of the most popular is Occupational War Mode, this mode sets players into epic battles on both Pacific and European fronts. Players represent one of the sides from the war, with the victors progressing more towards occupation. Another popular mode is Raid Mode, this mode is the ultimate PvE challenge in the game featuring 4 teams of 4 fighting it out in the skies for the right to call themselves Heroes in the Sky. Raid Mode features the best A.I the developers have to offer and is considered to be the most difficult challenge in the game.

Heroes in the Sky features a large number of iconic planes from the World War II era, including Gunners, Bombers and Fighters. Each plane excels in certain aspects but is weak in others, giving players that communicate a much greater chance of winning. Fighters will have to protect the bombing planes from opposition aircraft in order to obtain their goals, while the gunners do their best to disrupt the fighters. Heroes in the Sky also includes an Avatar system that allows players to make the appearance of their plane mimic that of another plane, meaning a Spitfire could appear as the 16-foot long Ohka.

By Rachel Rosen


US prevails in second annual Heroes in the Sky war event

The United States coalition beat their EU counterparts in what shaped up to be an epic transatlantic shootout. According to a rec...
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