Heroes and Generals gets an overhaul

By Tam Mageean
heroes and generals update

Seemingly, Heroes and Generals is no longer going after the world record for 'most time spent in beta' and has started to look towards the future.

A Heroes and Generals update has arrived, to spruce up the browser mmo, and prepare it for its long-awaited launch.

At long last, the browser based mmofps has provided players with a skills tree, allowing you to customize and bias you soldiers' skills as you see fit. As you make your way through the ranks, you will periodically gain the opportunity to specialize towards certain military professions, such as pilot or tank engineer.

To the relief of many, the User Interface is currently going through a makeover too, with the launcher being made more accessible, less clumsy and, hopefully, less buggy. As a browser mmo, a lot of the games quality is at the mercy of your PC's browser. Until now, Heroes and Generals has been affected by the choice of browser, choice of operating system, so hopefully this update will provide players with some reliability and consistency, no matter their setup. To add t the "no matter their setup" mantra, quite significantly, the high and low performance settings have undergone a special balance, so that visibility in both is equal, so you will no longer give people with certain builds an advantage.

Although this, the "Newgarden Build" is now available for public consumption, it is still under Reto-Moto's watchful gaze, and will be tweaked and polished as players warm to it, so be sure to vocalize your opinions on it.


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