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  • Heroes and Generals: campaign

    Heroes and Generals: campaign
    Heroes and Generals is a free to play browser based game. Players can progress through a campaign that, currently, has 5 missions....
    Heroes and Generals: campaign

    Heroes and Generals: equipment

    Heroes and Generals: equipment
    Characters have several forms of progression. Players can gain experience for higher ranks and unlock better starting gear with in...
    Heroes and Generals: equipment

    Heroes and Generals: objectives

    Heroes and Generals: objectives
    Each mission has several objectives. Look for nearby items, hiding spots and enemies to complete every objective....
    Heroes and Generals: objectives

    Heroes and Generals: controls

    Heroes and Generals: controls
    Controls in this browser based game are similar to other FPS games. Even down to the fact that right click can zoom, something tha...
    Heroes and Generals: controls

Heroes and Generals Gameplay

Heroes and Generals Gameplay

Heroes and Generals is a military MMO FPS developed and published by Reto-Moto. Players will be transported to the battlefields of World War II where they will engage in massive conflicts. Three nations are at war. Heroes and Generals offers three faction choices: Germany, the Soviet Union or the United States. Gameplay has two components: a strategic war and the action game. The strategic war is a multiplayer campaign conducted by Generals. The goal of the campaign is to gain control over strategic locations such as cities or resource points. Generals study the campaign map and make tactical decisions on where to position their assault teams. Players are free to join an assault team to increase a mission's success chances. Heroes and Generals action game is the first person shooter component. Kills achieved in the action game and obtained resources can impact the outcome of a mission.

Character development is an important Heroes and Generals feature. Players have five Heroes class choices. The chosen class dictates the role played in an assault team. The fighter pilot can fly a plane and comes equipped with a parachute. Tank crew classes are able to pilot tanks. Paratroopers enter the battlefield from above, they equip a unique weapon depending on chosen faction. Recon classes can use vehicles. Infantry soldiers can use various types of weapons. Heroes and Generals has character progression similar to MMORPG leveling but soldiers attain ranks instead of levels. The squad leader position is unlocked at rank six. At rank 12, players gain more responsibilities and are allowed to enter the strategic war. The sixth class, General, is unlocked at rank 18. Players who achieve this promotion will no longer take part in the action game. Heroes and Generals equipment list numbers about 60 unique weapons and 65 types of vehicles. Military history fans will be glad to discover in game weapons and vehicles modeled after real items.

The action game has a strategic part as well. Players are organized into squads and they must work as a team to defeat the enemy. Heroes and Generals is a MMOFPS that promotes team play. Players earn compensation for their efforts. Credits are used by heroes to acquire gear and customization items. Generals are rewarded with war funds. This Heroes and Generals currency is spent to purchase and upgrade assault teams and to acquire resources. Gold is premium currency. It can be used both as credits and war funds. An optional premium membership offers benefits such as increased XP rate and more. Heroes and Generals is available as a free to play game on Steam.

By Rachel Rosen


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