Hawken unwraps new Wreckage map

By Michael Jamias
hawken wreckage map

A downed cargo plane and its swamp crash site set the stage for Hawken's new Wreckage map.

Meteor Entertainment and Adhesive Games have released the new multiplayer map in its eponymous Wreckage update, and have made it available for play in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Siege and Missile Assault modes.

Some servers will even be dedicated to running only the Wreckage map for a limited time after launch.

Watch the full mission briefing in this Wreckage map trailer:

Players will have to fight for a mysterious but immensely valuable load inside the freight cruiser rubble.

The Wreckage update also activates the Operation Frostburn, the annual winter package meant to get the free mmofps fans in the mood for the holidays.

Operation Frostburn gives a special holiday twist to the Last Eco map, as the iconic battlefield becomes festooned with snow, wrapped presents and large candy canes.

The mmorpg also gets a cache of holiday themed camo gear such as the snowman repair drone, a candy-cane wrapped thruster and chasis art.

Players can also get into the festive mood by outfitting their mechas with limited-time customizations such as the Moke Crab for light, Hiefram Star (medium) and Brass Shark (heavy).


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