New modes, mechs and tech in Hawken Invasion

By Tam Mageean
hawken invasion launch

Hawken's next update, Invasion, arrived today, and the guys over at Adhesive Games just can't wait for you to get your hands on it.

The Hawken Invasion patch notes explain it all, and prove that the update will be much more than a "balance and tweaks" patch and will, instead, boast loads of big new additions to the mech MMOFPS, and launches 2 new modes: Offline Bot Training and, better still, Co-Op Bot Destruction.

In Hawken's new mode, Bot Destruction, you and your team-mates must hold down the map, against wave, after wave of robot drones, mech's and bosses, with upgrades becoming available for your mech in-between waves, to keep you wading through the hordes in this challenging survival mode.

For those of you who are tired of the same old mech's stomping around; a stealth mech called the Predator is on its way. True to its namesake, the Predator can hide, undetected in the undergrowth, and surgically snipe out enemies, using infra-red technology. The Predator will also stalk its prey, blending into the background with its active camouflage. A choice between explosive spread-shot and a beam-like charge cannon mean every hit will not only count, but will look spectacular too.

Hawken Invasion Update

Other mechs in the free mmo have been modified and balanced for fairer play, most significantly, introducing "Stalled" healing to some mechs, whereby healing will slow down while they are under fire.

New drones and boosters will also be available, including a Halloween special "Boo" drone covered in a ghostly sheet, which, for a drone, is actually pretty adorable.

For the fine-print on what's being changed and why; more info can be found on the official Hawken website.


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