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Hawken console port announced
Just like how the mythical phoenix rose from the ashes, so too does the Hawken mmofps continue to get stronger and expand after it had once been considered dead and buried. The original developer of the mech-themed shooter ran out of funds, causing the game to wither and fade away, but then Reloaded Games stepped in and bought the title. Now the resurrection continues as the Hawken console port to both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were just ann...
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Jun 14 2016
hawken reloaded
In recent times, Hawken had become somewhat of an anomaly within the mmo scene. After having a positive, interactive development process all the way up to its beta, the mmofps had already gathered a reputation and was looking to be a great, fully bought into title. Then after Hawken debuted as an early access title, their developer, Adhesive, went completely dark. Without explanation, all of the PR, all of the player interaction and all of the d...
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Mar 16 2015
hawken wreckage map
A downed cargo plane and its swamp crash site set the stage for Hawken's new Wreckage map. Meteor Entertainment and Adhesive Games have released the new multiplayer map in its eponymous Wreckage update, and have made it available for play in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Siege and Missile Assault modes. Some servers will even be dedicated to running only the Wreckage map for a limited time after launch. Watch the full mission briefing in this W...
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Dec 04 2013
hawken invasion launch
Hawken's next update, Invasion, arrived today, and the guys over at Adhesive Games just can't wait for you to get your hands on it. The Hawken Invasion patch notes explain it all, and prove that the update will be much more than a "balance and tweaks" patch and will, instead, boast loads of big new additions to the mech MMOFPS, and launches 2 new modes: Offline Bot Training and, better still, Co-Op Bot Destruction. In Hawken's new mode, Bot Des...
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Oct 31 2013