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    Hawken: equip
    Like any RPG, there are numerous equipment slots that you can fill. This can improve and customize your mech....
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    Hawken: skills
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    Hawken: combat
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    Hawken: staging

    Hawken: staging
    After you join a game, you will be dropped into a staging area. Here you can pick your mech and deploy into battle. After dying yo...
    Hawken: staging

Hawken Gamplay

Hawken Gamplay

Hawken is a free MMO developed by Adhesive Games and published by Reloaded Games. Hawken is a mix of MMOFPS and mecha game genres. The battles are fast paced and strategic. The story is a sci fi scenario. Action takes place on a heavily industrialized planet where resources are extremely scarce. Inhabitants fight an ongoing war over these resources. Hawken PvP model features several game modes. Free for all death match mode has no rules and the team with most kills is declared victorious. In Siege mode, players must destroy the enemy base using the battleship. To launch the battleship, resources are needed. There also is a classic death match mode and a surprise mode. Hawken will also have co-op missions. There is a selection of 8 maps to choose from. More maps will be available as Hawken DLCs in the future.

The core feature of Hawken gameplay is mechs. There are 3 types of Hawken mechs: light, medium and heavy. All mechs have weapons but players must make sure not to let the weapons overheat. If overheating occurs, all weapons will shut down leaving the player with no means to attack. Hawken MMOFPS mechs are highly customizable. Players can build all sorts of mechs to experience different play styles. When in a fight, players can perform all sorts of actions. They can move, fire their weapons and all these actions cost fuel. Hawken weapons also include turrets. There are 2 types of turrets. Stationary turrets can only be used by one team. Placeable turrets can be placed anywhere on the map by anyone. Energy Units or EU is a type of Hawken resource that is used to power turrets and acquire items. One way to get EU is destroying mechs that carry it. Hawken uses Unreal Engine development kit. Several gaming publications have praised Hawken’s visuals.

Traditionally, mech games are all about customization but Hawken developers want to change that. This doesn’t mean that mech customization is not important but, the focus is on action. Hawken players will not spend more time customizing mechs than actually playing the game. Hawken free MMOFPS features air combat as well. Players can use jet packs. There is a funny story behind Hawken name choice. It was temporarily named like that in the early stage of development. When it was the time to pick a new name, no one had any better ideas so they never changed it. Hawken plays just like a FPS game with fast paced action.

By Rachel Rosen


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