GunZ 2 hits Steam Early Access

By Tam Mageean
gunz 2 steam

Since GunZ: The Duel ceased operation last year, fans of the cult mmofps have been left floundering without any GunZ action to turn to.

It hasn't even been a year, but for GunZ fans; it has felt like an age, and at (seemingly) long last, GunZ 2: The Second Duel has landed on Steam, as an Early Access program.

Due to the commited, cult following the early access is already suffering some premature teething issues, as more and more fans of the mmo flood into the launch server. So far, there have been reports of lag, full servers, locked servers and matchup launch issues, but the devlopers at MAIET Entertainment are working around the clock to find fixes for all the hiccups.

Hopefully the temperamental GunZ 2: The Second Duel early access server won't deter unfamiliar gamers; GunZ 2 has been in development, in the background for some time, (arguably 6 years, behind closed doors) and is undoubtedly setting out to do the GunZ franchise justice. The fact that the servers are so packed already shows how much potential this particular mmofps has, and hopefully the final product will be as spectacular as its predecessors.

GunZ 2: The Second Duel is avaiable right now as a free to play, early access program via Steam.


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