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  • GunZ 2: matches

    GunZ 2: matches
    There are 3 match types in GunZ 2. Queue up for 1 or all 3 in this multiplayer 3rd person shooter....
    GunZ 2: matches

    GunZ 2: characters

    GunZ 2: characters
    Players can choose from 4 characters when starting the game. You can use gold to unlock the other characters. And there is a level...
    GunZ 2: characters

    GunZ 2: items

    GunZ 2: items
    GunZ 2 is a free to play title with an in game store. BUT any items that increase character power appear to be purchasable with in...
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    GunZ 2: combat

    GunZ 2: combat
    GunZ 2 is a third person multiplayer shooter. Characters have 3 weapons and may have extra abilities depending on their level. My ...
    GunZ 2: combat

Gunz 2 Gameplay First Look - HD

Gunz 2 Gameplay First Look - HD

GunZ 2: The Second Duel is a fast paced third person shooter developed by MAIET Entertainment and published by MAIET Entertainment in collaboration with ProSiebenSat1 Games. It’s a free to play MMO game available to players worldwide as a downloadable product from various gaming portals. The first GunZ game, GunZ: The Duel, was released in 2004 but it’s no longer available as it was closed down in 2013. Developers started working on a new and improved GunZ with better graphics and modern mechanics that would still retain the elements that made the first GunZ such a popular game. GunZ 2 was under development for almost 6 years.

Player movement is one of the features that make GunZ 2 unique among other free MMOFPS games. Usual landscape elements (like walls and such) can be used to your advantage. You can jump on a wall and do a surprise attack on the enemy or use terrain objects to move undetected and catch the opponents off guard. This feature provides a great deal of movement freedom and the opportunity to execute amazing combat moves. GunZ 2 has 3 class choices: silent avenger, gunslinger and shield trooper. Each class has active skills that represent abilities used in combat and passive bonuses that act like perks or permanent buffs. Play style and weapons depend on chosen class. The silent avenger is a stealthy killer that excels with ranged attacks but it’s also a worthy opponent in melee combat. Gunslingers blast their enemies with grenade launchers, flame throwers and machine guns. The shield trooper is almost invincible thanks to his great defensive capabilities and unnatural strength. GunZ 2 has a generous weapons selection that numbers 13 categories and more than 200 individual items. Players need to learn which weapons are best fitted for their class and how to use class specific skills.

There are 2 ways to enjoy GunZ 2: story mode and multiplayer. Campaign scenarios tell the story behind the game and pit players against powerful bosses. Some encounters require strategic movement like jumping on top of the boss to find its weak spot. Players can also team up for co-op scenarios. GunZ 2 has PvP content for gamers that prefer other human players as opponents. Clans or guilds are a normal addition to any FPS MMO and GunZ 2 makes no exception. Players create and join clans to make friends and to find reliable team mates. GunZ 2 is totally beginner friendly and is suitable for veteran TPS fans and new players.

By Rachel Rosen


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