Guns of Icarus announces Sky League

By Tam Mageean
guns of icarus skyleague

With City of Steam: Arkadia and Black Gold Online nipping at its heels, the current leader in the steampunk mmo race, Guns of Icarus Online has decided to make some changes, in order to keep its airships floating high above the rest.

Muse Games needed something different in its mmorpg, to keep it competitive with the newcomers, and in a stroke of genius, the crew at musegames decided, "why make the game competitive, when you can make the community competitive?"

The Guns of Icarus Sky League is a fan driven eSports league designed to get the bloodlust flowing in the mmo's community.

To sign up to the Sky League, simply apply with your 8-player team via the Guns of Icarus official forums and await your placement; when the league starts on March 22nd. The league is a 6 week long, 2 stage tournament. The league will begin with a grouped round, with the winners and losers of each group being divided into two brackets. The Winners Bracket will be double elimination (ie. losing in the winners bracket relegates you into the Losers Bracket), while the Losers Bracket is only single elimination.

Guns of Icarus Sky League

If you'd like to simply spectate, rather than compete, the League will be streamed live via the CeSports and the RobAndDanShow Twitch steams, and all matchups will also be uploaded onto Youtube afterwards.

Let us know your thoughts on competitive Guns of Icarus in the comments section below.


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