Guns of Icarus releases teaser for Co-Op Mode Expansion

By Michael Jamias
guns of icarus co op mode teaser

The power of a great teaser is that it makes you yearn for more. That's what exactly this Guns of Icarus Co-Op Mode Expansion teaser did for us, making us even more curious about the arrival of factions in the steampunk mmofps.

Skipping the flashy cinematics and hi-def in-game previews, the teaser focuses only setting up an interesting background to the rise of the six factions -- from the proud Fjordlanders to the cutthroat Merchants.

Sure, there were no expansion screenshots or footage in the teaser, but those can come in later previews as the expansion nears its release sometime this year.

So far, the basic thing that we know about the Guns of Icarus Co-Op Mode Expansion is that it will revolve strongly around faction cooperation.

Previously, the game was exclusively for PvP, so the addition of PvE elements should draw in a throng of new fans.

Players tired of gunning down each other can now choose to team up with up to three other friends to take on AI controlled airships and aeroplanes. We expect rivalries to heat up not only between factions, but also within as players jockey for the personal glory in the shooter MMO.


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