Guns of Icarus Online co-op mode coming as early as Q1 2014

By Michael Jamias
guns of icarus co op mode release

Guns of Icarus fans won't have to wait too long for the fun and frantic Co-op Mode -- "very soon closed testing will begin," said Muse Games.

With closed testing around the corner, Co-op mode is set to go live in the MMOFPS as early as the end of Q1 or early Q2 of this year, the developer also confirmed.

Co-op Mode has been gaining some buzz in the airship combat MMORPG due as a way to let off some steam with friends in non-competitive but still exciting fighting scenarios.

Players will be able to join forces "to fight off swarms of enemy fighter planes, giant enemy boss ships," among other scaled-up challenges.

Developers had been putting the final touches on the Co-op mode, according to the most recent weekly progress update.

This includes balancing the aeroplane AI to make sure they can put up a strong opposition (the enemy will be able to repair their airships) and avoid becoming farmable sitting ducks.

Ample rewards are also being lined up for successfully shooting down targets as a cohesive team, because we know nothing gets MMORPG fans working together more than the promise of fantastic loot.


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