Guns of Icarus, Black Desert both heading to PS4

By Michael Jamias
guns of icarus black desert ps4

The former has been confirmed while the latter is being eyed for debut on the next-gen PlayStation 4 console.

Over the weekend, Guns of Icarus developer Muse Games confirmed that its dieselpunk fps mmo has set a course for a PS4 launch.

The Guns of Icarus PS4 version was probably made possible by the great support the mmo had during its crowdfunding campaign, which saw supporters pledge more than triple its funding goal.

In a separate release, Black Desert developers reportedly are keen on PS4 development for the stunning sandbox mmo from Korean developer Pearl Abyss.

Dualshockers broke the news that during an interview with COO Jaemin Youn and CFO Brian Oh during the recent gamescom 2013 event, they said that "they're considering porting the game to both PS4 and Xbox One" and that initial meetings with console maker Sony have already taken place.

But both developers said the Black Desert PS4 version is a secondary priority only to stabilizing the PC version. Black Desert has been wowing fans with its mouthwatering teaser screenshots and video footage, which could be done justice by the high graphics power offered by the soon-to-release next-gen consoles.


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