Guns of Icarus reveals factions, other Adventure Mode features

By Michael Jamias
guns of icarus adventure mode

Watch a 13-minute vid that answers plenty of fan questions about the Kickstarter-funded Adventure Mode, a DLC for Gun of Icarus Skirmish Mode.

On April 1, the browser games developer Muse Games initiated a crowd funding campaign behind the Guns of Icarus Adventure Mode, which would expand the game with towns, trade, player factions and a persistent MMORPG world.

After just a week the campaign has accumulated around $67,000 in pledges from 1,200 backers with 42 days left to go for it to reach the funding target of $100,000.

The strong support shown for Adventure Mode has prompted Muse Games to address fan questions about the upcoming content update. Watch the comprehensive Q&A video below:

Among the more interesting tidbits in the video above were the detailed background reveals on the six incoming factions: Yesha Empire, Anglean Republic, Fjord Baronies, Order of Chaladon, Mercantile Guild and Arashi League.

Developers touched on subjects such as the use of the Unity 3D technology to the customizations that will be popping up on the MMOFPS.

The video update is just the first of many more biweekly updates that will be released to keep fans in the loop on the Adventure Mode development progress leading up to the end of the Kickstarter campaign.


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