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guns of icarus skyleague
With City of Steam: Arkadia and Black Gold Online nipping at its heels, the current leader in the steampunk mmo race, Guns of Icarus Online has decided to make some changes, in order to keep its airships floating high above the rest. Muse Games needed something different in its mmorpg, to keep it competitive with the newcomers, and in a stroke of genius, the crew at musegames decided, "why make the game competitive, when you can make the communi...
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Mar 11 2014
guns of icarus co op mode teaser
The power of a great teaser is that it makes you yearn for more. That's what exactly this Guns of Icarus Co-Op Mode Expansion teaser did for us, making us even more curious about the arrival of factions in the steampunk mmofps.Skipping the flashy cinematics and hi-def in-game previews, the teaser focuses only setting up an interesting background to the rise of the six factions -- from the proud Fjordlanders to the cutthroat Merchants. Sure, ...
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Feb 18 2014
guns of icarus co op mode release
Guns of Icarus fans won't have to wait too long for the fun and frantic Co-op Mode -- "very soon closed testing will begin," said Muse Games. With closed testing around the corner, Co-op mode is set to go live in the MMOFPS as early as the end of Q1 or early Q2 of this year, the developer also confirmed. Co-op Mode has been gaining some buzz in the airship combat MMORPG due as a way to let off some steam with friends in non-competitive but stil...
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Feb 03 2014
guns of icarus black desert ps4
The former has been confirmed while the latter is being eyed for debut on the next-gen PlayStation 4 console. Over the weekend, Guns of Icarus developer Muse Games confirmed that its dieselpunk fps mmo has set a course for a PS4 launch. The Guns of Icarus PS4 version was probably made possible by the great support the mmo had during its crowdfunding campaign, which saw supporters pledge more than triple its funding goal. In a separate release,...
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Aug 26 2013
guns of icarus adventure mode
Watch a 13-minute vid that answers plenty of fan questions about the Kickstarter-funded Adventure Mode, a DLC for Gun of Icarus Skirmish Mode. On April 1, the browser games developer Muse Games initiated a crowd funding campaign behind the Guns of Icarus Adventure Mode, which would expand the game with towns, trade, player factions and a persistent MMORPG world. After just a week the campaign has accumulated around $67,000 in pledges from 1,200...
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Apr 09 2013