Guns and Robots fires up Temple of the Dragon arena

By Michael Jamias
guns and robots temple dragon arena

For its newest playable arena, Guns and Robots travels to the lands of the East where fire-breathing dragons are the stuff of legends.

Guns and Robots Temple of the Dragon arena screenshot

Players can now enter the Guns and Robots Temple of the Dragon arena, released as part of the new April update, described as an abandoned temple styled in the tradition of a Chinese temple with its red and gold color motif, dragon statues and a layered pagoda structure.

MMO robot fighters can rumble in the large open courtyard, using the new weapons that also came with the update.

When things go awry, there are several hidden exits that provide a brief respite from danger. There is also a secret underground passage in the central building that can be used to escape MMOFPS focus fire or organize a lethal ambush.

Those who visit the Temple of the Dragon arena for the first time can say hi to the fluffy temple keeper.

In terms of gameplay the map has a secret passage beneath the central building, several hidden exit points to ease the maneuvers during battles and has a huge uncovered area for deploying special devices or open-fire battles. Players can also meet the fluffy keeper of the temple.


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