Guns and Robots greenlit for Steam

By Michael Jamias
guns and robots steam greenlit

Steam mmo fans have spoken, and they proclaim Guns and Robots fit for Steam release.

By garnering enough community support on Valve's popular digital videogame distribution platform, the Guns and Robots Steam release has been cemented later this year.

Guns and Robots has come a long way from initially releasing as a standalone version but quickly attracted much love for its fast action mmofps mechanics, and sizeable breadth of weapon customization.

Steam fans have also been raving about its quick matches that are still dynamic enough to still surprise even after grinding the same map or game mode, which includes Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch and Destroy the Enemy Base.

Guns and Robots is currently in open beta, which gives Masthead Studios developers several more months to fine-tune the game before its official Steam release. But time is ticking, and there's still so much to test in open beta, including PvE arenas, game events, territory conquest and item upgrades -- all of which are planned for release during the Guns and Robots first season.

Steam fans who have backed the game with their votes can expect to get still-unspecified giveaways a few weeks from now, according to Masthead Studios.


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