Guns and Robots to host pumpkin-smashing event

By Michael Jamias
guns and robots pumpkin halloween event

Get ready for six days of spooky presents and pumpkin-smashing fun starting October 30 to November 4.

The robot battlers of Guns and Robots are in for an explosively messy mayhem in the free to play mmo shooter as they blow up pumpkins and put the hurting on enemies in order to collect exclusive masks. What these masks are for, Masthead Studios has not revealed yet, but they are likely currency that can then be traded for holiday-only items and boosts.

With only a few more days to go before the pumpkin-smashing event goes live, Masthead Studios has been frantically giving out free WitchHat items to those who create a new account and redeem one of the codes that are floating around the Web in specific sites and the official Guns and Robots social networks.

The WitchHat item is valued at $3, and will serve as an alluring accessory for your Guns and Robot avatar.

Masthead Studios has hinted though that more prizes and activities will be revealed once the event launches.

After the Halloween event, expect developers to start rolling out the features it promised before the year ends. This includes an improved tutorial system, a re-designed user interface to make it easier for MMOFPS newbies to navigate and access menus and options, and fresh maps, parts and weapons to heavily expand combat playstyles.


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