Guns and Robots goes aboard a pirate ship arena

By Michael Jamias
guns and robots pirate arena map

Say ahoy to the newest Guns and Robots map which promotes full-frontal combat across two pirate ships.

Developer Masthead Studios described the new map for the mmo fps title as a place where players can unleash their robots and experience a swashbuckling challenge. The map will be split into two ship areas, the first being patterned after the classic pirate ship that is made to ram and capture valuable merchant ships, while the second is a smaller but equally ruthless pirate ship aptly called “Prey.”

Players will spawn from various locations throughout the ship and will have to show enough force to scare their opponents into submission.

What makes this new pirate-themed arena different from other Guns and Robots maps? Masthead Studios said that due to the open deck layout of the arena, players will no longer be able to effectively hide and seek from their foes. The style of combat seems to be brutal confrontations instead of frustrating chases around the map.

“This arena is suitable for the competitive players who enjoy adrenaline-pumping game play. There are large docks where players have to be with fast chassis and to strive in order to avoid enemy attacks,” said the mmo games developer.


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