Guns and Robots releases Capture Batteries and Bomb Squad mods

By Michael Jamias
guns and robots capture batteries bomb squad mods

Guns and Robots gets two new classic mods for fans who are not feeling murderous enough for Team Deathmatch.

For the capture the flag-style mod named "Capture the Batteries", players will need to infiltrate the opposing team's base and snatch the batteries back to the home base. First side to steal the required number of batteries wins the match and gets to privilege to gloat.

Meanwhile, for the destroy their base-style mod named "Bomb Squad", players will need to plant a bomb in the opponent base and annihilate it from the map. Teamwork is just as essential here as it is in Capture the Batteries, whether it's in assaulting the enemy base while protecting the home base, or preventing enemies from disarming bombs planted.

Watch the gameplay teaser for these two mods:

As seen in the trailer, the new mods bring a less brutal but more frenzied fighting in the free mmofps. Robots race to fulfill objectives while expertly dodging lasers, missiles and other enemy fire.

To help mmo players more easily track objectives, the user interface also has helpful icons up top that update when specific tasks are completed. For example, securing a bomb or capturing a battery will update the UI. Teams will need to keep a close eye on these amid all the crazy clashes if they hope to win the match and earn winner rewards.

Guns and Robots is currently in open beta, and is being developed by Masthead Studios as its second title after Earthrise.


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