Guns and Robots to release bodyguard game mode for Valentine's

By Michael Jamias
guns and robot valentines game mode

Masthead Studios has always been the one to cook up crazy content for Guns and Robots to match each calendar holiday.

Valentine's is no different as the developer will be rolling out a bodyguard-themed new game mode that captures the spirit of selflessness and devotion of the Season of Hearts.

There's only one rule in the Valentine's game mode: Protect your VIP teammate at all costs.

When a match starts, one of the players on both teams will be randomly assigned as a VIP player that will need to be protected throughout the duration of the MMOFPS mayhem.

This opens up a lot of interesting strategies. From the top of our head, we think a team can let the VIP hide on his or her own while the rest storm the opposing team's bunk to take out the VIP, to turtling and whittling down the opposition until no real threat remains for the VIP.

The winning team will earn more points than the losing team. Accumulate enough points to unlock a literally captivating reward -- "a brand new weapon that charms the opponents and leave them helpless in battle." Yes, this means you can make MMO enemies fall gaga over you before shooting them ruthlessly through the heart.

For Valentine's, Guns and Robots will also run the Heatbreaking contest where players can win large amounts of credits currency. The contest details are still under wraps, so you’ll have to watch out for it when the Valentine's events arrive February 10 and last through to February 16.


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