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Guns and Robots Easter event
Easter is a festive time of year which people can celebrate in a number of ways. The faithful go to church to express their devotion while others send their children out to hunt Easter eggs. If you're an mmofps player, then you'll probably be celebrating the holiday by blowing your opponents away online. Masthead Studios is dishing out some rewards for those gamers during their Guns and Robots Easter event that begins this Friday.Fans of robo...
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Mar 31 2015
Guns and Robots Zombiestein event
Even though Halloween has come and gone does not mean that the ghoulish good fun is over. Players of the Guns and Robots mmo fps will soon find themselves facing off against some dreaded zombies. This undead menace will shamble into the game when the Guns and Robots Zombiestein event kicks off on Monday, November 24th. I know what you're thinking. How can zombies pose a danger to Guns and Robots players? I mean, the game is centered around playe...
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Nov 21 2014
guns and robots hellfire arena
Claustrophobics and pyrophobics will want to sit out the newest multiplayer arena for Guns and Robots. Meet the Guns and Robots Hellfire arena, described as a subterranean maze with long narrow corridors and lava pits. It's the type of dungeon map that will require you to watch your step, although you'll also want to keep an eye out on enemy shooters who will be aiming for your head.The Hellfire arena is suited for all available game modes a...
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Nov 14 2014
guns and robots pompeii arena
There's nothing like a spewing volcano and ancient Roman ruins to get your gladiator blood pumping in Guns and Robots. At least that's the idea behind the new Pompeii arena for the fps mmo which goes live tomorrow, June 26. This Guns and Robots Pompeii arena trailer gives a tour of the premises, starting from the open space pit then diving down to the tunnels that coil and connect several aboveground entrances:For all of you who slept t...
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Jun 25 2014
guns and robots makeover patch
Expect Guns and Robots to sport a drastically different look next month. Masthead Studios confirmed that the upcoming June patch will roll out a Guns and Robots makeover, including an interface redesign, a new notification system and even a paint customization feature. The goal of the interface redesign is to create a more navigable menu that will make creating robots all around easier. In battle, players will be assisted by a new notification s...
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May 15 2014
guns and robots steam greenlit
Steam mmo fans have spoken, and they proclaim Guns and Robots fit for Steam release. By garnering enough community support on Valve's popular digital videogame distribution platform, the Guns and Robots Steam release has been cemented later this year. Guns and Robots has come a long way from initially releasing as a standalone version but quickly attracted much love for its fast action mmofps mechanics, and sizeable breadth of weapon customizat...
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Apr 05 2014
guns and robots temple dragon arena
For its newest playable arena, Guns and Robots travels to the lands of the East where fire-breathing dragons are the stuff of legends.Players can now enter the Guns and Robots Temple of the Dragon arena, released as part of the new April update, described as an abandoned temple styled in the tradition of a Chinese temple with its red and gold color motif, dragon statues and a layered pagoda structure. MMO robot fighters can rumble in the lar...
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Apr 03 2014
guns and robot valentines game mode
Masthead Studios has always been the one to cook up crazy content for Guns and Robots to match each calendar holiday. Valentine's is no different as the developer will be rolling out a bodyguard-themed new game mode that captures the spirit of selflessness and devotion of the Season of Hearts. There's only one rule in the Valentine's game mode: Protect your VIP teammate at all costs. When a match starts, one of the players on both teams will b...
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Feb 04 2014
guns and robots pumpkin halloween event
Get ready for six days of spooky presents and pumpkin-smashing fun starting October 30 to November 4. The robot battlers of Guns and Robots are in for an explosively messy mayhem in the free to play mmo shooter as they blow up pumpkins and put the hurting on enemies in order to collect exclusive masks. What these masks are for, Masthead Studios has not revealed yet, but they are likely currency that can then be traded for holiday-only items and ...
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Oct 26 2013
guns and robots capture batteries bomb squad mods
Guns and Robots gets two new classic mods for fans who are not feeling murderous enough for Team Deathmatch. For the capture the flag-style mod named "Capture the Batteries", players will need to infiltrate the opposing team's base and snatch the batteries back to the home base. First side to steal the required number of batteries wins the match and gets to privilege to gloat. Meanwhile, for the destroy their base-style mod named "Bomb Squad", ...
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Jun 14 2013