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  • Guns and Robots: assemble

    Guns and Robots: assemble
    Assemble newer and better robots with a better chassis, body or even head....
    Guns and Robots: assemble

    Guns and Robots: purchase

    Guns and Robots: purchase
    Use in game currency to buy new parts for your robots....
    Guns and Robots: purchase

    Guns and Robots: shooter

    Guns and Robots: shooter
    Guns and Robots is a 3rd person shooter. Duels are generally a 2v2 fight to the death. Destroy the enemy robot body to eliminate t...
    Guns and Robots: shooter

    Guns and Robots: matches

    Guns and Robots: matches
    Matches are where you go to earn more currency. Remember to repair and resuuply after every fight....
    Guns and Robots: matches

Guns And Robots Gameplay

Guns And Robots Gameplay

Guns and Robots is a free MMOFPS developed and published by Masthead Studios. It’s a shooting action game where players build their characters as robots and fight each other. As one can imagine, these robots can equip guns and all sorts of other weapons. Customization is one of the key elements in Guns and Robots. There are about 150 different component parts that can be used for robot customization. PvP action is fast paced. Several maps for Guns and Robots multiplayer mode are available. Each map has different environments with strategic locations.

There are 3 main Guns and Robots classes of robots: light, middleweight and heavy. The light class is capable of dealing very high damage. Light robots lack defense but they can equip nuclear reactors or nitro packs. The middleweight Guns and Robots class is a compromise between offense and defense. These robots can perform almost any task. Heavy robots have the best armor. On the other hand, they are not very agile. In a team, all types of robots are needed. Guns and Robots has a fair matchmaking system that keeps a balanced gameplay. PvP matches have an arena battle setup. They are designed to be engaging and fun. All FPS MMO players enjoy big explosions. Guns and Robots maps are filled with all sorts of objects that have no other purpose than to be shot and broken. Besides breakable objects all Guns and Robots maps have specific objectives, landscapes and victory rules. Some of the most popular Guns and Robots game modes are: capture the flag, team deathmatch and race. There also is a special test mode. This mode is meant for robot testing. Because there are so many robot customization options is only natural that you want to give it a test run before rushing into PvP action.

Burn In Garage (BIG) is a Guns and Robots feature that allows players to create their playable character just as they see fit. Guns and Robots weapons are customizable. Each weapon has thousands of options. Weapon characteristics that support customizations are: durability, ammo, damage and used energy. There are many Guns and Robots weapon categories: riffles, long range, machine guns and many more. Robots can even equip two weapons at the same time. Some weapons use energy as ammo. There are no best Guns and Robots weapons. Depending on the terrain style some weapons might be better than others for a certain Guns and Robots map. Players can team up and test weapons in test mode maps.

By Rachel Rosen


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