GUNDOG: Animal World War Goes Into Open Beta

By Josh Wirtanen
GUNDOG Goes Into Open Beta

Clever phrases involving dogs abound, as Innoceed's canine-themed shooter, GUNDOG: Animal World War, swings wide the doors of its beta servers. Yes, GUNDOGS is now in open beta, which means you can finally hop into the only shooter we can think of that lets you play as a World War II-era cartoon dog.

Oh, those clever phrases we mentioned? Here's an example from the official press release: "Release the Hounds! The Open Beta for the dog-centric, third-person K9 shooter GUNDOG is now ready for action. But stay frosty - It's a dog-shoot-dog world out there."

So what is this MMOFPS all about? Well, here's more from the press release: "GUNDOG deploys newly recruited pups and strays into a World War II-esque era that has gone to the dogs... quite literally! Set in a world populated by gun-toting canines, GUNDOG blends tactical, team-based, shooting mechanics with collectable card game elements (cards that give you unique Gundogs and skills), in a fun and strategic third-person shooter unlike any other."

Fight your way to the top as either the Empire or the Union, across several maps and game modes. Oh, and all of this comes "rendered in a distinct cell-shaded-meets-comic-book art style."

If you're still not convinced that this dog-filled shooter is for you, check out the "Roll Call" gameplay trailer:


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